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Sika Sarnafil Roofing Case Studies

Projects Previously Completed;

Project: Temple Farm Development

Client: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain

Main contractor: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain

Roofing contractor: Contour Roofing (Essex) Limited

Location: Chelmsford

Area: 112,500m2 built development, 34-hectare site

Architect: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain



Ground-breaking in terms of sustainability and project management practices, Temple Farm Development was a large and challenging project operated under an NEC contract and BREEAM requirements.

A former scrapyard, this 34-hectare rural site in Chelmsford was developed into new national headquarters for the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain.

As part of the final phase of what was a 5-year project, multiple roofs were required for the development’s vast offices, residential blocks and bin and cycle stores.

Insistent on specifying Sika Sarnafil from the outset, the client conducted interviews with a number of local Sika Sarnafil Registered Contractors. Contour Roofing impressed with their culture and working methods and were hired for the mammoth job.


Working with Sika Sarnafil, Contour was heavily involved with the roofing’s specification writing, design and planning from the get-go. With the original designs specifying aluminium capping and outside feature detail, Contour’s revised plan saw the team value engineer this option using Sika Sarnafil Sarnametal and Single Ply Membrane – products that not only cut costs, but were more suitable for the job and covered by Sika Sarnafil’s guarantee.

The roof build comprised Sarnavap 5000SA, G410-15EL Light Grey, 15EL Lead Grey on the perimeter works and Sarnafil G445-13 Protection sheet.

Also helping to design bespoke details from Sarnametal Lead Grey for parapet and cladding details, the client was ecstatic with the savings Contour’s specification advice made, as well as appreciating the flexibility, durability and aesthetics demonstrated by Sarnafil’s products.

Alongside cost savings, under the NEC contract and BREEAM requirements, skilled workmanship, achieving the highest quality finishes and benchmarking were all key. Because of this, Contour worked closely with Sarnafil’s technical department, who offered constant support, clarified details and provided any required evidence. This allowed the team to achieve the best ratings, while also providing a great learning opportunity for all.

On the environmental management front, Temple Farm was pioneering in terms of sustainability. A biodiverse green roofing system was installed, for example, above the Sarnafil membrane level on the residential blocks of the development, designed to boost the local flora and fauna. What’s more, by specifying Sika Sarnafil Single Ply waterproofing systems, alongside excellent installation, Contour were able to help the client achieve the project’s Outstanding BREEAM rating and a 0.10 U-Value.

The resulting roofs were impressive across the board; boasting excellent workmanship, clever design revisions and outstanding environmental credentials.

Dean Brazier Contour Roofing contract manager said “This is a testament to what can be achieved using Sika Sarnafil Single-Ply when its specified correctly, installed and managed to the highest possible standards”  I’m extremely proud that the team is now being recognised in being shortlisted at the 2019 NFRC Roofing Awards single ply category.  Jonathan Woods ‘Managing Director’ said “This has been the hardest most challenging project I have ever been involved in but on the other hand it’s been the most refreshing and enjoyable, I’m extremely pleased and proud of all of the team.

Sika Sarnafil have carried out their own case study on this project – read it here.

Project - Cheltenham House, Grange Road, London N17

Client: Paul Simon Homes Limited

Size: Approximately 200m2

Specification: 5000SA Vapour control layer, TT47 Tapered Insulation, Primer 600, Sika Sarnafil G410-15 ELF SA (Self-Adhesive) Lead Grey, Sika Sarnametal, Lead Grey Décor Profiles.

Manufacture: Sika Sarnafil.

Guarantee: Sika Sarnafil 20 year Insurance backed guarantee.

Approved Sarnafil Fitters: Dale Carter and Niall Cockerill.

The project shaped like a cube proved indeed to be a puzzle!! We were all of course up to the challenge and fully able to offer the correct solution and application for the project.

Roofing Awards 2017 finalist logoThe challenge was that Paul Simon Homes and the client required the vertical work and field areas to replicate that of a metal cladding roof but with the cost savings of using an alternative product.  Contour Roofing working closely with Sika Sarnafil were able to generate a bespoke waterproofing specification to the builder and client including on site expertise to unlock the puzzle.  It was paramount that the timber used and fixed was of the best grade and that any carpentry work was co-ordinated to the requirements of our contract manager Dave Tree.  Bespoke lead grey Sarnametal was cut and fabricated to accommodate the various angle changes on the roof including vent grills to the base of the cube which were designed and fabricated out of Sika Sarnametal offering a complete Sika solution to the project.

The new spray adhesive primer 600 was carefully applied to all the vertical area to then accommodate the application of the 15EL SA Lead Grey which weighed in at over 18kg per drop.  The weight of each drop proved extremely challenging and had to be secured with a peelstop and fixed at every point with stainless steel SFS fixing.  The décor profiles had to be uniform and offer symmetry to all four sides of the building and with careful measurements and good preparation this was delivered to perfection.

Sika Sarnafil have carried out their own case study on this project – read it here.

The project was recognised and shortlisted in the final for the prestigious NFRC Roofing Award.

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Project - The Cottage, Sayesbury Manor, Bell Street, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 9AN – New Town Hall

Client : Longshaw Construction Limited

Size: Approximately 300m2

Specification: New Build/Refurbishment – Plywood decking, Sarnavap 1000E VCL, SarnaTherm 130mm Insulation and Sarnafil G410-15ELF (Fleece backed Membrane) Lead Grey fully adhered with Sarnacol 2170 – Sarnametal bespoke trims prefabricated to all perimeter detailing – Batten Profiles to mimic a lead effect roof finish.

Manufacture: Sika Sarnafil Single-Ply Roofing Systems

Guarantee: Extended Product 20 Year Guarantee

Approved Sarnafil Fitters: Dean Brazier and Craig Neal

The challenge for all was to upgrade the existing Town Hall in the picturess and characteristic village of Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire. Contour Roofing (Essex) Limited working with the architect and Sika Sarnafil were able to offer a contemporary solution that would accommodate and blend in with the traditional surroundings.

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Project - 32 Ewart Grove, London, N22 5NU

Client : Paul Simon Homes Limited

Size: Approximately 400m2

Specification: New Build – Plywood decking, Sarnafil G410-15ELF (Fleece backed Membrane) Lead Grey fully adhered with Sarnacol 2170 – Sarnametal bespoke trims prefabricated to all perimeter detailing – Decor Profiles to mimic a standing seam effect roof finish. Sika Liquid Plastics to gutters and balconies.

Manufacture: Sika Sarnafil Single-Ply Roofing systems and Sika Liquid Plastics.

Guarantee: 20 Year Insurance backed guarantee.

Approved Sarnafil Fitters: Dale Carter, Niall Cockerill and Dave Tree.

From the offset this job was originally designed to be a metal standing seam roof and we were approached by Andrew Oliver of Paul Simon Homes who we have known for over 20 years to meet with him and the architect to offer an alternative solution. We visited the offices of Paul simon Homes and advised that this roof would be able to be completed with the partnership of Sika Sarnafil single-ply and Sika Liquid plastics. We advised Jonathan Bunn of the requirements and he immediately turned around a bespoke specification which we then presented to the Builder and Architect who were then happy to proceed. The roof has been finished with Sarnafil G410-15ELF lead grey fully adhered with Sarnacol 2170 to plywood and standing seam finish (Décor Profile). The box gutters and balconies have been finished with Sikalastic 618 including carrier SA, Fibreglass and all necessary primers including Sikalastic Primer 600 to bond the 2 products within the gutter. The project is still on-going and we expect the main roof to be completed early November 2015 with the balconies to finish at the tail end of the month.

Sika Sarnafil have carried out their own case study on this project – read it here.

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Project - London Square Bermondsey Village

Roofing Contractor: Contour Roofing (Essex) Limited

Project Category: Sika Liquid Plastics, Single Ply and Bio-Diverse Green Roofing Systems.

Project Location: Lamb Walk, Bermondsey, Southwark, London, SE1 3TT

Project Description:

A stone’s throw from South Bank, London Square Bermondsey Village is located at the corner of Lamb Walk and Morocco Street. A mixed-use new build, the scheme provides ground floor commercial space and 29 residential apartments to the upper floors. These luxury apartments have communal garden area and balconies.

The design approach responds to the eclectic and exciting architectural context of the surrounding area. A treatment of varied brickwork, deep windows, inset balconies and reconstituted stone shop-fronts provides a modern building, enhancing the conservation area. The design required a roofing solution that would look stunning and offer high performance.

A roof was once seen only as a means of protecting a building from the elements, but now it is increasingly being seen as a valuable space that can be utilised. The client required a biodiverse, sustainable communal garden and roof as part of the project.

Main Covering:

Bio-Diverse Green Roof Area
Area: 860m²
Height: 12000mm
Building Use: Residential

A warm ballasted system is to be installed using Sarnafil G410-18EL Light Grey as the main roof sheet with Sarnafil G410-15EL Light Grey for all detail work flashings.

Concrete Deck

VCL Sarnavap 5000E SA Foil Faced self-adhesive bituminous felt
Insulation SarnaTherm G Tapered Insulation
Membrane G410-18EL Light Grey, Fully adhered with Sarnacol 2170 cold applied adhesive.
Protection G445-13 PVC protection sheet

Inverted roof system – DECOTHANE Root Resistant Base Coat and Top Coat

Sika Liquid Plastics – Decothane for balconies and details

Landscape works Soft and Hard: SkyGarden Green Roofs

Client – Award winning developer London Square 01895 627300

Contour Roofing – Jonathan Woods – 01279 635392

Contour Roofing (fitter) – Lee Pratt/Joe McCanna

October 2014 – Finished in January 2015.

The roofing project was split into three parts – the first floor required an accessable green roof for residents, then the two other higher level roofs required a green roof and a brown roof. These were chosen for their aesthetic values (as they could be seen from surrounding buildings) and to assist with the release of rainwater.

The project was originally specified in hot melt. However, this product specification wasn’t possible, as it wouldn’t give desired aesthetic finish required by the client and architect. The client wanted an “all singing all dancing” solution that would deliver superior performance and a flawless finish, in line with the luxury flats.

Jonathan Woods, Contour Roofing, suggested using Sika products, as the roofing project was complex and expansive, requiring expert advice and planning. He explained that Sika give the best for support to both contractor and client, and would be the best option. It was a challenge to change the specification at a late stage, but Contour, working in close partnership with Sika, provided a solution that met, and exceeded, the client’s expectations.

Work was done to cover the main roof, balconies and podium over a car park of the new build using a full Sarnafil system. The design of the communal gardens was intricate and detailed, especially around roof lights, podium and upstands. Sika Liquid Plastics Decothane was used on some of the tricker elements and the balconies, demonstrating the great compatibility between Sika’s various roofing products. All work was finished to an extremely high standard, as was the aesthetic requirement of the client, achieving a 20 year guarantee from Sika.

Sky Garden, the UK’s leading independent specialist company for green roofs and podium landscaping, worked with Contour and Sika, providing expert advice on biodiverse habitat creation and living roof design. Sky Garden provided technical support and information for the podium hard and soft landscaping, Biodiverse Habitat creation and green roof requirements, to ensure the systems met all BREEAM, Planning and client requirements for the project. This included producing NBS Q37 Specifications, supply chain information, production data and Biodiverse planting schedules.

Sky Garden Green Roof systems conform with the European (FLL) and National (GRO) Guidelines for all aspects including product quality, installation good practice, system sustainability and quality control. It’s soft and hard landscaping systems for the podium project conformed with the landscape architect’s design and functional requirements.


The project had to be completed over a number of phases, with Biodiverse Green Roofs completed first and the hard and soft landscaping elements completed during the later stages of the programme. As a residential development, it was imperative for Sky Garden and Contour to complete the podium works to a very high standard so that new home-owners could move in to a welcoming ‘green’ environment, complete with amenity areas, communal seating, lawns, timber pergolas and established planting. Sky Garden worked closely throughout the project with partners at Contour Roofing, SIKA and London Square, to ensure that the challenges of strict budget, tight programme and mid-London site with restricted access were all met successfully.

The site was very tight for access for deliveries and cramped working space during construction, so all parties had to work very closely to work around the challenges of this inner-City site. The project combined living roofs to meet biodiversity requirements which are at roof level and not accessible other than for maintenance, together with a variety of Landscaping finishes to provide a pleasant, attractive public amenity for new residents.

All work was independently tested by Thornton Consulting to make sure it was of the highest quality, passing with flying colours.

The feedback from SIKA, Contour and LS was extremely positive and Contour, Sky Garden and Sika have since partnered on new projects.

James Ansell, Development Manager at London Square, said: “We were really impressed with the finish on the Bermondsey Village building. The work that Contour did was of the highest quality and were very happy with how everyone worked together to deliver a high performance solution that looked visually stunning. The installation was difficult at times, as we were tight on both time and space but Contour always went the extra mile to solve any issues. We were particularly assured by the level of guarantees offered by Sika across the whole roof, as this gives us piece of mind for the future. We are now working with Contour on a number of projects going forward.”

All parties are proud of the work accomplished and look forward to deepening relationships and future collaboration.

Sika Sarnafil have carried out their own case study on this project – read it here.

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Project - Fusion Newhall Harlow, Essex

Client: Bellway Homes (Essex) Limited

Size: Approximately 14000m2

Specification: 5000SA Vapour control layer, Primer 600, Sika Sarnafil G410-15 Lead Grey, Sika Sarnametal, Kingspan TR27 Insulation and 500mm x 250mm Celtic Grey natural slates and Pembury Hand Made Clay roof tiles.

Manufacture: Sika Sarnafil & Stoneleaf Roof Slate and Tiles.

Guarantee: Sika Sarnafil 20 year Insurance backed guarantee.

Fitters: Various fitters but a big thank you to Mark Lynch who managed the success of this site.

In 2015 Contour Roofing (Essex) Limited were called upon and contracted to utilise all of its skills and deliver a new build development in the sought area of New Hall which is based in the village town of Old Harlow, Essex. The builder required a roofing contractor that had the experience and a track record of working with both flat and pitched roofing coverings to deliver the multiple and complex interfaces of all various house types and designs. The contract was successfully completed in 2018 and is subject to a manufacture case study later this year. The completed project showcases what can be achieved with the right specification and in house team work #TheContourWay

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