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Contour Roofing Limited

Jonathan Woods


Jonathan Woods

Managing Director



Everyone here at Contour Roofing would like to thank the NHS and countless organisations and individual acts of kindness of the British people that have all been doing the right thing throughout this epidemic. Our hearts go out to all the families who have lost loved ones and to those still that are currently battling this terrible virus.

Contour Roofing was formed in 1984 and is extremely proud of its original heritage in offering traditional roof tiling, slating and leadworks to its many valued customers in and around the home counties. Over the past two decades the company has invested in the recruitment of some exciting talent including young and energetic blood that has then enabled us to develop the company into the 21st century with exciting new roofing technologies and services that enabled the business to make sustainable growth and offer a more diverse option for all its customers.

Where did the name ‘Contour’ originate from?

The idea to name the company ‘Contour Roofing’ originated from the geographical three dimensional ‘Contour map/graph’ that illustrate valleys, hills and the steepness of slopes with the use of Contour Lines. In Roofing terminology it identifies and measures the valley, hip and various pitch gradients including elevations.

Our customers are very important to us but equally so are all our employees, sub-contractors and the supply chain which make up the Team.

The Contour Way -

  • A strong team with a can do attitude – the people who work at ‘Contour Roofing’ make this happen.
  • It’s a place where if people have problems – they’re not left on their own to sort them out – we look to help each other, support each other, it’s an extended family.
  • A human face with human thoughts and personality - Computer says YES.
  • Limited Red-Tape with the ability to be un-predictable but also being extremely dynamic when required
  • A company who goes over and above, a company who builds/works on relationships with people, a company who doesn’t put profit 1st but people.
  • A company that makes mistakes (we are all human) but prides itself on putting things right.
  • A company you can Trust or as we say InContourWeTrust