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Kris Wilcox Harnesses on to win the FF 2018/2019: -

After 4 successful seasons the winning streak of reigning champion Matt Holt’s finally came to the end of the Safety line.

Kris Wilcox of Sayfa Systems said “I thought I had thrown it away by making some stupid changes towards the end!! I took Alexander Arnold, Robertson and Mane out of my team after the game against Newcastle, as they only had one league game left and replaced them with Lindelof, Shaw and Sterling as they all had 2 games left! I thought Man u would sweep aside Huddersfield and Cardiff without conceding, turned out I was wrong and Lindelof and Shaw didn’t play yesterday anyway! Serves me right for picking some Man u players!! “I thought I had a good chance this year, after being in the top 3 for the last couple of seasons and it’s good that the trophy is finally leaving Mr Holt’s desk, where it has apparently been for some time, some saying too long!! It’ll be nice to see a new name on the trophy and the start of a new era! I’d like to thank the players who have played their part this year in helping to bring the trophy to the East Midlands. I’m drooling with excitement and at the thought of defending the trophy next year! Now I know how Harry Kane feels in his post-match interviews!!”

Matt Holt quoted “Fair play to Kris he has been a good competitor over the previous seasons and congratulations on your 2018/2019 win….however I will be upping my game next season so watch this space’

Bring on the 2019/2020 season

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