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Contour Roofing Limited

Hoddle scores a Hattrick with 3 new apprentices

Tuesday 21st September 2021 | Apprenticeship Enrolment Day

After a much anticipated wait and preparation we were finally ready to meet the team at the Eastern Region Roof Training Group Ltd team. Our Training manager Michelle Hoddle and Contracts Manager Paul Dye met Kye, Brendon and Jamie prior to setting off for the day. Upon arrival our teams were met by Olivia the Head of vocational learning. Olivia guided everyone around the training facilities and works shops and then introduced everyone to the rest of the training teams and facilitators who explained the process and procedures that will be happening over the course. Ensuring our new Apprentices were at ease and feeling positive to learn about the next 18 months ahead on their Learning journey of their Apprenticeship.

We completed all of the registration details and then left to leave the apprentices to settle in and complete the initial assessments. After a successful day and warm welcome they are left feeling very assertive and keen to begin their journey to completing their Standard Level 2 Roofing slater & Tiler.


Managing Director Jonathan Woods said “the future of our business is to continually invest in the youth for tomorrow's future, and we look forward to supporting Kye, Brendon and Jamie throughout their journey with us”.


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