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Contour Roofing Limited

Project - Cheltenham House, Grange Road, London N17

Contour Roofing Sarnafil LondonClient: Paul Simon Homes Limited

Size: Approximately 200m2

Specification: 5000SA Vapour control layer, TT47 Tapered Insulation, Primer 600, Sika Sarnafil G410-15 ELF SA (Self-Adhesive) Lead Grey, Sika Sarnametal, Lead Grey Décor Profiles.

Manufacture: Sika Sarnafil.

Guarantee: Sika Sarnafil 20 year Insurance backed guarantee.

Approved Sarnafil Fitters: Dale Carter and Niall Cockerill.

The project shaped like a cube proved indeed to be a puzzle!! We were all of course up to the challenge and fully able to offer the correct solution and application for the project.

Roofing Awards 2017 finalist logoThe challenge was that Paul Simon Homes and the client required the vertical work and field areas to replicate that of a metal cladding roof but with the cost savings of using an alternative product.  Contour Roofing working closely with Sika Sarnafil were able to generate a bespoke waterproofing specification to the builder and client including on site expertise to unlock the puzzle.  It was paramount that the timber used and fixed was of the best grade and that any carpentry work was co-ordinated to the requirements of our contract manager Dave Tree.  Bespoke lead grey Sarnametal was cut and fabricated to accommodate the various angle changes on the roof including vent grills to the base of the cube which were designed and fabricated out of Sika Sarnametal offering a complete Sika solution to the project.

The new spray adhesive primer 600 was carefully applied to all the vertical area to then accommodate the application of the 15EL SA Lead Grey which weighed in at over 18kg per drop.  The weight of each drop proved extremely challenging and had to be secured with a peelstop and fixed at every point with stainless steel SFS fixing.  The décor profiles had to be uniform and offer symmetry to all four sides of the building and with careful measurements and good preparation this was delivered to perfection. 

The project has been recognised and shortlisted in the final for a prestigious NFRC Roofing Award which is to be announced on the 19th May 2017 at the Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster Bridge, London.

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